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    Trusting in drug safety demands traceability

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    Countdown started for EU Implementation Directive

Opportunities and risk in the implementation of the EU-Directive

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The FDA (responsible US agency) reports the worldwide damage caused by counterfeit drugs at 35 billion dollars annually

According to expert estimates, up to one million people will die each year as a result of taking counterfeit drugs

In the emerging and developing countries, according to a WHO estimate, up to 30 percent of all medicines are counterfeit

In Germany alone, the serialisation directive requires 700 million boxes per year to be labeled with a Data Matrix Code

Your advantages at a glance
OCS Checkweighers is a solution provider to GS1 Germany and also a voting member in the GS1 Global Healthcare User Group. We cooperate with the major pharmaceuticals and immediately implement relevant targets and changes regarding serialisation and aggregation.

As a member of the Open SCS Working Group, OCS Checkweighers advocates for flexible means of integration with existing production infrastructures and, in addition, for a philosophy of open and standardised links to higher-level systems.

OCS fights for improved industry standards rather than proprietary island solutions, which are still used far too often: Specifically, the artificial dependence on many suppliers sooner or later leads to very risky availability bottlenecks. Each pharmaceutical player must be independent and able to freely choose their equipment.

For more than 20 years, the weighing and inspection solutions from OCS Checkweighers have been the reliable standard for dynamic, fast, and highly accurate weight and completeness controls in the production lines of the leading producers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and chemical sectors.

Building on this experience with custom high-tech applications and with a view to the coming mandated serialisation for prescription drugs, OCS Checkweighers expanded its product portfolio with the very successful Track & Trace solution known as TQS (Traceable Quality System).

TQS stands for top reliability and ease of use while providing all drug manufacturers a customised solution to meet the serialisation and aggregation requirements for medicinal preparations. The operation of the functional units for product handling, coding, and camera inspection is convenient and fully integrated in one software package.

OCS Checkweighers attaches great importance on the development of all required technologies and the ability to manufacture all core components in-house. The result is an extraordinary manufacturing depth and expertise which allows us to be supplier-independent and forms the basis of our delivery reliability.

Design, development and assembly are performed in-house at OCS Checkweighers. The philosophy of short chains is what ensures the greatest flexibility in implementing each individual product configuration.

As an OCS Checkweighers customer, you benefit from our global service network. We provide support in implementing your customised TQS solution by offering instruction and training of your operators and by performing preventive maintenance of the units.

We would be pleased to personally advise you about the details of the scope and effort of the individual services.

Safe drugs are a valuable commodity which, in times of need, can ensure survival. Far from any economic consideration, this implies a pure ethical responsibility to undertake every effort to put an end to the global counterfeiting of medicinal products. OCS Checkweighers is very proud to meet these challenging tasks with a priority on supplying the best possible consumer protection.

Our current customers include well-known, demanding pharmaceutical companies. If Track & Trace is an important topic for your business, then please get in touch with us. We will give our very best to support you.

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